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Our Commitment To You

Walnut Hollow Ranch is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina in Hayesville.

We​ know fresh, quality foods and

endeavour to offer you the highest

quality, bold tasting, premium beef

we can produce

Our cattle are raised and cared for in harmony with nature in our temperate region of the Appalachian Mountains. We are using proven methods to produce a premium - all natural - beef protein. 

Choosing pastured beef is a

wholesome, nutritional, healthy choice

for your family. We are confident

you will realize the value of

Walnut Hollow Ranch Beef


2017 Solar Eclipse


Walnut Hollow Ranch is dedicated to providing high-quality all natural beef.  Our Black Angus Cattle are raised responsibly, with top standards, producing the finest beef obtainable.  We are committed to offering a healthy beef choice direct to your family.


  • Voluntary Agriculture District in Clay County, NC.

  • 2014 Area 1 Conservation Farm Family of the Year for outstanding accomplishments in the conservation of natural resources.

  • Walnut Hollow Ranch is the first business in Clay County to receive recognition from the NC Department of Environmental Quality.  The NC Green Travel Program recognizes businesses in the travel industry that have established and adhere to a set of guidelines that protect the environment.

The farm is committed to protecting

our environment by conducting

business in such a way as to conserve

energy, water and natural resources


Walnut Hollow Ranch seeks to be a better steward of the earth by creating a healthy environment for its guests, employees and community. This is accomplished by implementing an energy reduction program, water conservation program, helping to protect air quality and reducing the amount of solid waste generated.

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