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Black Angus Cattle



At an elevation of 2,250 feet, the mountain ranch offers warm days in spring and cool nights in autumn... ideal for grass finished beef.

Weaned calves are selected from partner farms who follow health and well-being aligned with Walnut Hollow Ranch's protocol.

  • The calves are brought into the farm grazing on lush, productive pastures

  • Clean, fresh water is provided from a well and piped to drinkers in every pasture

  • Calves are vaccinated against cattle diseases at approximately 6 months insuring a boost to their natural immunity

  • Fly control is implemented to relieve pestering the cattle and prevent eye infections

  • Trace minerals and salts are provided free-choice.


Beef cattle are cared for

and handled with the highest

standard of animal welfare

The spring and autumn grasses have an abundance of "plant energy”, grass-finishing pastured-raised cattle producing superior, bold-tasting beef.



Pastures are rich in a variety of grasses, predominantly fescue and clover. Fields also include a mixture of summer and winter annuals. These grasses provide an abundance of forage and dilute the endophyte of the fescue.  


Farm raised cattle are finished

on lush pastures producing

Premium Black Angus Beef


The mountains of Clay County, in the Nantahala region of the Smoky Mountains, have balanced seasons. The herd has access to pasture 24/7 and are never confined.  Our all natural cattle are supplemented with grains ensuring their energy needs.

Fed at 1% of weight, there are no differences in the Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) content between grass-fed and supplemented cattle. Supplementation increases the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio slightly, but has a level very similar to many 100% grass-fed beef.
Reprinted from the Grass Farmer.


The environment is intensively managed at Walnut Hollow Ranch with the assistance of the Natural Resource Conservation Service. 


We implement over 38 environmental quality practices including:

  • Rotational grazing

  • Creek and stream-bank protection

  • Stabilizing the soils from erosion

  • Ecological manure management

Walnut Hollow Ranch has a

commitment and a passion for

conservation and preservation of

farmland.  We are proud of the

stewardship of our land

Walnut Hollow Ranch practices sustainable and regenerative pasture management. 

  • Soil tests are performed and soil amendments are applied annually as per recommendations

  • Pastures are limed to balance the soils and seeded keeping the grass and legume stands in good cover

  • Weeds are controlled mechanically and spot spraying when necessary as per recommendations

  • The ranch has an abundance of dung beetles. These beneficial insects help enrich the soils naturally

  • Wild turkeys comb the pastures, assisting pasture health and nutrient recycling.

Conservation easement zones and wildlife habitat areas are managed on the farm. The woodlands are addressed with a Woodland Management Plan.

Land & Facilities Leasing Opportunities

Spring Grazing.JPG

Custom Grazing

  • Month-to-month lease

  • Well managed pastures

  • Drinkers and electric fences

  • 8 month lease Mar 1 - Oct 31

  • $475 /per month

  • Easy access

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