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All Natural - Farm Raised Premium Black Angus Beef

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Why Choose Farm Raised Beef?

  • No antibiotics used

  • No added hormones or steroids

  • No growth promoting drugs

  • No medicated feeds or ionophores

  • 100% vegetarian diet, no animal by-products

  • Humane animal handling practices

  • USDA Inspected slaughterhouse and butcher

  • Free of preservatives and chemical tenderizers


Walnut Hollow Ranch produces

Premium Black Angus Beef.

A wholesome and healthy

beef choice for your family


What Is All Natural Beef?

No antibiotics or hormones are ever used.  Cattle were designed to eat grass. Cattle are ruminants, their stomach and digestive system has a neutral pH balance on grass pasture. Feed-lot cattle are fed a high grain diet and their digestive system becomes acidic, which may cause health problems. In this high stress environment, cattle are fed antibiotics continually to keep them from getting sick and gaining weight. Traces of antibiotics may be present in the final meat product.

Some research states that it can weaken the human immune system and make it easier for drug resistant strains to evolve. To maximize growth, cattle are grain fed in feed-lots and typically implanted with hormones.  


Beef available from our partner farms adhere to the same health and welfare standards under Walnut Hollow Ranch's label.


1/4 beef share includes

  • 20 lbs. of steaks

    • rib-eye

    • t-bone

    • filet and ny strip OR porterhouse

    • sirloin

    • skirt OR flank OR coulotte OR tri-tip

  • 30 lbs. of roasts

    • chuck (7-bone)

    • shoulder

    • sirloin tip

    • london broil

    • eye of round or brisket

  • 40 lbs. of ground beef (80%)

  • 10 lbs. of other cuts

    • Stew meat

    • Shank/soup OR marrow bones

    • Knuckle bones

  • Weights/number of cuts are approximate

  • No sales tax

1/2 beef share includes

  • Customize your beef share

  • Get double the cuts of the 1/4 beef share

  • Side of beef can be cut to your specifications

  • 1/2 share BEST VALUE 30% savings

  • No sales tax


  • Individually vac-sealed, labeled and weighed

  • Shipped with dry ice to insure a stable frozen product in food safe package

  • Ground Shipping - 2 Day Delivery

  • Purchase 25-30 lbs for least expensive cost


Customer satisfaction is Walnut Hollow Ranch's top priority.  You never pay for excessive fat and bone with our Premium Black Angus Beef.







What our customers are saying...

"In my quest to provide better quality, more wholesome and nutritious food for my family, I found Walnut Hollow Ranch. The bonus was it's local and Charlie is a great guy to work with. After speaking with him and getting to see the ranch, I purchased a half share. My family can taste the difference from store bought, mass produced meat. Everyone who has enjoyed a meal made with this beef have raved about it and noticed the difference in flavor and texture. I will be a life long customer!"

"We bought a ribeye and grilled it for supper. Abso-freaking-lutely the best steak we've ever eaten! AND you can buy it and have it shipped home! I had never had grass fed beef before and it is fabulous! Charlie was wonderful and the ranch could not be more beautiful."

"The steaks here are some of the best we have ever eaten. We bought ourselves a ribeye to cook that night while staying at WHR and some hamburgers for lunch later in the trip. Ribeye that night was so tender. one of the best steaks we've every eaten. We cooked the hamburgers a couple days later lakefront with some friends and family. We also purchased a porterhouse and short ribs as gifts to our thanksgiving hosts. Our only regret was not buying more steaks for the remainder of the trip and to enjoy during the upcoming holiday season"

"The meat was delicious! May have been the best burger I’ve ever had!!! Wish we had time to take the tour of the ranch, maybe next time."

"Had only planned to stay the weekend, but loved it so much we stayed an extra day. Bought a bone-in sirloin.....OMG....best steak we ever had! Bought some more beef before we left to enjoy on the rest of our trip. The ranch was so peaceful! We didn't want to leave."